Purebred Cayuga drake -FREE- in western NC


In the Brooder
10 Years
Dec 9, 2009
Western NC
I've got an extra Cayuga drake from Holderreads that I need to find a home for. He's not show quality because of a few white feathers on his neck and white eyelashes, but otherwise a perfect, gentle bird. I want to focus more on purebred Welsh Harlequins, and that's the only reason I'm posting this. Since he's free, I hope to find him a good home where he won't end up on someone's dinner table, plus he needs to go somewhere with other ducks so he won't be lonely. Let me know! I'm in Sylva, North Carolina.

He's the one with white spots on his neck (that's not snow):

Doing his job:
Id take him if you were closer! I have a cayuga hen and she and my magpie are my only pure bred ducks - besides the scovies. Good luck on finding that pretty boy a home!

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