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8 Years
Sep 30, 2014
Virginia Beach
My Hamburg's comb is starting to turn purpleish at the base of the comb. She is also losing feathers and stopped laying last week. I thought she was molting but then her comb started to shrivel, pale and now is getting some purple. Is the purple a sign of something else or is she just molting?

Ok here is a closer pic of her comb. It is purpleish at the base, is this normal? I was told she was a gold pencilled hamburg, they look very similar though.

Well, I just learned about gold pencilled hamburgs, LOL. I still think yours is a golden campine since yours has a straight comb, while hamburgs have rosecombs. I will have to try to find out something about the darkness at the base of the comb. Is it on both sides? As long as we keep posting here and keep this thread alive, someone may have an answer. If she is alert and active, eating and drinking, it may not be anything serious. Fungal infections of the comb (favus) can affect part of the comb, wattles, and earlobes, but it usually chalky white. Miconazole cream is used to treat it topically.


golden pencilled hamburg
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I think your right that she is a golden campine because of her comb. The purple is on both sides. She is acting normal though, alert and eating and drinking.

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