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10 Years
Apr 9, 2009
western NC
A potential client came into the shop this morning, and although I couldn't help her with what she wanted, we "somehow" ended up talking about chickens. She and her DH are considering getting some, but she said they knew nothing about chickens. HA!!!!! They do now .Or at least she does. She walked out loaded down with names of web sites, including BYC of course - I showed her our coop section, as her husband gardens, and she got all excited about tractor coops, which was my intent. More addicts. More BYC members!

Did I do good?
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I did that last week with my Mechanic ! His son makes extra money hatching and selling chicks. I gave him the BYC site and told him to join!
I am a undercover marketing guru, too. It isn't work if I do it sneakysneaky like.
I found it through a search but I would have been on it years ago had I known it....I refer all I know to it!

Have a blessed one.
Great job!

I gave a client the BYC address and the name of a good incubator last night. When DH asked them what kind of chickens they had, the husband replied, "Brown ones." I just had to direct them here because they seemed really interested in learning more but didn't know where to go.

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