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i have 33 RIRS and 20 mixed breed bantams the reds are 3 weeks and the banties are 7. Today i put the RIRS in the coop and some banties attacked them so i took them and put them in the brooder which is (5' x 6'). what is the best way to put them all together so they become friendly. Should i wait longer or what?
Mine are 2 weeks and 5 weeks and I have short monitored visits right now. When I put them together, there is a little sparring going on but nothing out of control. I increase the time spent together daily. With that many, it may be difficult to monitor alone. Good luck - keep us posted.
I had an issue when I mixed two 1.5 week olds with six 3 week olds. The smallest of the two younger ones (Barred Rock) got attacked a couple of times by my largest bird and it totally terrified her. I made a double brooder( basically a larger brooder with a piece of chicken wire down the center.) Both sides had separate water and food. After 2 weeks, I tried to integrate them, but the smallest one still got chased and pecked. So much so that everytime I checked on them, she was hiding in a dark corner and wouldn't go near the light, or food. I ended up giving her away to a woman in my town that I happen to know had bought some barred rock chicks at the same time and at the same store as I did. I've checked in on her and she seems much happier in her new home.

I hope you'll have better luck than I did.
I have put young ones in with others that are a month older and never saw any problems. I think the chicks start to think about "strangers" at about 2 months old and that's when they have to be introduced slowly. I currently have 15- 3 wk olds,15- 1 mth old, and 11- 6 wk olds together and there is no problems. The 3 wk olds are silkies and are always at the feeder. Next week I'm putting 24-2 wk olds in with them also.
It could also be the breeds that determine how aggressive the birds will get.
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Ive got some BSL pullets turning 3 weeks this week....today im building a small addition to our coop to put them with our 10 week olds. Tried adding one yesterday to the regular coop but my duck didnt want any part of it and kept going after the baby.

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