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May 17, 2012
Hello peeps ;)

I am in the process of researching my options for putting a roof over my run area. Its currently covered with chicken wire to keep hawks out. But I am tired of the rain/snow/mud issue. I really want to make a roof. I really want to do the corrugated plastic (the ones that allow some light through). But I think that might be a bit of a project and cost more than I want to spend right now. Still looking into it though.

I did come across this: http://www.tractorsupply.com/en/store/kennel-roof--cover-kit-10-ft-x-10-ft

Does anyone have any experience with this? Will it get destroyed in the first snow storm??? I live in Massachusetts so it needs to be able to handle New England weather. Even if it lasts a few years until I can build a more permanent roof.

I was in the exact situation you were in. I had a chicken wire run, and was sick of the mud and the snow collapsing it. My run is 15x15, so I went with 2'x16' aluminum roofing panels for a total of 16x16. It is supported by 16' 2x6's on 24" centers which are supported by 4x4 posts and 4x6 beams at the end and middle. It was not cheap - but it was well worth the upgrade since I see myself having chickens for the next 40 years! The roof held up fine in snow, even when we received 30 inches one storm last year.

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That is AWESOME!
I converted an old horse shelter into a fully enclosed, covered run. The girls love it!
You won't be very happy with the tarp roof if you have any snow at all. It will sag and rip after just a year or two of winds, rain, and snow. Simple 4x8 plywood sheets that are sloped will cost you less and last longer especially if you can add a coating of paint or waterproofing to the top.
I agree that a tarp would not do you any better than the chicken wire you are currently using.

Your best bet, in my humble opinion, is to build a room over them with some 4x4 posts, a few runners and some tin or plastic roofing material. Don't let cost discourage you. Keep a close watch on craigslist, local classifieds and any local junk/second hand stores. You'll be suprised at what you can find on the cheep second hand. Not to mention, just keep your eyes open when your driving around, most people love to get rid of old piles of lumber they have in their yards if you move it for them!
While a protected wood roof would be most ideal, a corrugated plastic or metal roof like you speak of probably is not as difficult as you think. Can't tell you about cost since I don't know the size of your run or where you get materials from, but I can speak of constructing with it as that is what we used as an afterthought over our run. We used the plastic, and the scrwes they sell specifically for it that have a rubber washer on them to seal the screw hole made in the material. We easily cut the material when needed with very sharp scissors following a line drew with a sharpie. Our run was not slanted to begin with so we used scrap wood to raise one end up so water runs down and off one side. Sorry I don't have a better picture than this of it at the moment.
Here's another I just took

I will say I wish we had a bigger overhang, but we were trying to limit what we had to buy. If I were to do it again we would probably go with metal for longevity, if we didn't spring for framing a wood roof in.
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