Putting ducklings in with new mommy?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Violet22, Jul 4, 2010.

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    Ok, I have 2 runners I got as adults, super skittish and hate me. They had one baby and left it all alone at a day old.......my teenage ducks tried to kill it. My fault, my adults never bothered the first babies, so I didn't think I'd have a problem this time. Didn't count on the teenagers being so naughty. So.....I fenced off the area with their nest which is in a doghouse. The next day I found a beautiful day old trampled to death. Another baby hatched a couple days ago, and the mothers rarely let them out of the house. The food doesn't seem to be getting eaten and I am worried about the babies. These mothers hog all the peas too...........my other mother, even after 2 months, stands back and makes sure her babies get fed ( I toss peas directly to her, she will eat some, but leaves most for the babies.

    Anways, I am worried they aren't eating and getting out and about enough, and they will never socialize with me, because they are never out for me to get them, and when they are, the mothers are vicious to me. I would try and bring them in, but really don't want to. There is a duck who was a great nanny to my other bunch, I was wondering if I took her and the babies and put them in a separate area, if she would take care of them. She took care of the other's like they were her own, but at that time I didn't have to separate them either.

    I was hoping my other duck would hatch her eggs and I could try putting the babies in with her babies, but that hasn't happened yet, and I am actually getting a little worried, it's about time.

    Has anyone tried using a surrogate mom with no babies of her own, but was a geat nanny? [​IMG]

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