putting ducks away at night in winter


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I was wondering what people do in the winter as far as putting your birds away. Soon it will be dark before and after I go to work. Currently I keep them in a predator proof pen and let them out to forge when I get home. I plan on expanding the pen to include foraging space before winter. What do most people do? We actually let them sleep in the basement in a small pen. I only have 2 ducks a and enjoy them as pets.
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Sorry, but I don't know much about ducks. Definitely post in the Ducks section.
When we had ducks we housed them outside, so I can't really help with your specific setup -- If you had an outdoor duckhouse I would simply suggest that you secure the house door when you did arrive home as the ducks would likely have put themselves "to bed" as darkness fell (unless you have a pond in the enclosure they use as now and then our ducks would decide they wanted to sleep on the pond and it was large enough there was nothing to do at that point but hope they stayed on the water through the night out of reach of most of the predators we have). Have you considered a house in their predator proof pen?
I do have a small coop in the pen. I hope they decide to use it when it gets dark out. At least then if any coyotes come around, they won't see him.
Predators may not see them but, they will smell them. Please check the predator section for ideas on fortifying their run and coop. Welcome to BYC

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