putting in egg turner after start of incubation


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OK so I think i know what I should do but wanted to poll the experts here first...

DH bought me another incubator yesterday WITH an egg turner! WOO HOO. this is bator #4 so I'm good with the setup on that end but this is my first egg turner.
I did put it in the bator and confirmed it works. This is a turner for an LG incubator if that makes a difference.

My question is I have a dozen eggs I just put in one of the other 4 bator's on the 25th and have been turning by hand. Can I just put the turner in this (same model) and move the eggs in?

If so, I know I need to put them small end down but anything else I should do? if i should just leave them and turn by hand I can, just wanted to ask first.

If I do put them in, there are only 12 but the racks hold more than that, should I keep some distance between eggs for better air flow or should I just fill up a couple racks and leave the others open? I do have other eggs I can put in it (5 duck and more on their way). I think you can remove some racks but I'm not sure how and don't want to mess with it and break it. I'm going to look online for a manual.

thanks in advance!! I know it's a pretty simple question, i just wanted to confirm before I did anything.
yes! Put it in, i love mine!!!! small end down....sit back and relax~
Keep all the racks in! I leave no space since i pack it.

If you need to take them out, there is a pin at the one end, pull it out and gently push end out and then it comes right out!!
Yes, put them in!
I tend to put mine close together in the middle if I don't have a full bator. Even with a fan, I think I have some spots in the corners that aren't quite the same temp.
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thanks jen and silly...I put them ALL in! WOO HOO!
no more turning for me!!!

12 BCM eggs, 5 chickens eggs (absolutely NO CLUE what they are) and 5 duck eggs. Oh and more on their way...another 22+ BCM eggs and 6 swap eggs from our BYC swap in September. Ok, wait, they ALL won't fit in there! LOL good thing the 5 random chicken eggs go into lockdown tomorrow, which reminds me I need to clean out that bator from this weekends hatch.

I was thinking of trying my new bator with the swap eggs so maybe I'll just hand turn those.

Ahywoo....thanks again. Was a bit worried I would mess it up somehow but I think we're all good now.
I keep them close together--I think the thermal mass helps them maintain steady temps better, kind of like putting all your frozen groceries in one bag instead of spread through several bags in the back of your car. Good luck! FOUR incubators--I'm jealous!!
Interesting, I space mine apart so that they have air flow. Never thought about your way. I may try that.

You are going to love that turner. No more panicking that you forgot to turn the eggs.

Just remember to keep it plugged in. Once I unplugged it for some reason or other, and forgot to plug it back in. It was days before I noticed.
I ended up putting in all 12 of bargain's eggs, the 5 duck and the 4 chicken. here is a pic of the side angle.

I have a post with the mystery egg story which will follow the hatch at https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=249914.

so far I'm Loving this turner but I have went over there to check it probably a dozen times tonight! lol. I cleaned out the hatcher and it's ready to go tomorrow morning.
one other question....now that I have all my eggs in one bator. I have two that are empty. I was thinking of trying to add a fan to one of them to make a forced air bator. I've been looking online for cheap PC fans and found some but I haven't found instructions on how to add a fan to a sytro bator? I KNOW it's here somewhere and I did a search but I must not be using the right wording because nothing is coming up.

Can anyone guide me on how to install a PC fan in an incubator? even a point to a post would be great...I'm going to try searching again...

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