putting new chicks in with older chicks question in brooder


8 Years
May 22, 2011
I have 5 chicks right now that hatched from 17th to 20th this month in our homemade brooder and June 3rd i have 15 after candling due to hatch and by that time the 5 chicks if they survive that long will be 2 weeks old and slightly bigger than the babys and i was wondering is it wise to put them in with them cause im afraid if i do they will bully them or even kill them
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You cannot put them together right away.. the older chicks will trample the babies.. Not on purpose, but it will happen..ONc the younger ones are about a week old, then you can try it.. But you must have a large brooder are so that there is no crowding..
well if i need too we have a second brooder we use mainly for putting our setting hen in we can put her in setting drylock for a while and put her back to laying eggs
I have been doing staggered hatches weekly starting at Easter. I put the first 3 weeks of hatches together with no problems, then I pulled the oldest and largest chicks and just keep adding as the new ones hatch. If you have a big brooder this works great, the littles can cuddle up to the biggers like they would a mom, and the biggers teach the littles to eat and drink.
Well that's what my mom does with the second brooder cause we will need to use that in the coming months when they are bigger or seem to be bulling we put them in brooder 2 to separate them and make them feel alone cause they will have no one to sleep with for warmth
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