Putting prune juice in water?

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  1. Sowatee

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    Mar 23, 2017
    I believe one of my pullets is constipated. She's noticeable smaller than the others (although different breeds) and she's very light. She eats and drinks, but the 2 times I've seen her poop it was like a little droplet? Anyways, she's less active than the others, but I still worry about her. I've checked butts to make sure there's nothing blocking and everything's clear. One thing I've noticed is that she eats and barely drinks. I've seen the others drink, but I'm not so sure about her.

    I've put prune juice in their water. Problem is the other 7 chicks are drinking it as well, and they seem to really like it. What should I expect in the upcoming apocalypse?

    The pullets are an estimated 4 days old FYI.
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