Putting two mother hens together.

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    Hello, my husband and I are getting into raising chickens and we have had four chicks hatch out successfully so far. We let them hatch naturally and are now living outside with our black australorp hen and doing great![​IMG] We are almost finished with our larger house and are planning to move her and her bitties in there to finish growing. We are thinking about adding another hen to get broody and hatch some chicks for us but do not know what will happen with two mother hens. We had multiple hens brooding on the same nest but we separated the black australorp to take care of them alone because she was doing the best with them. (We have two other unidentified white hens brooding the nest.) So has anyone let multiple mother hens take care of multiple broods in the same hen house and how well did it go for you? The hen house is rather large, 10x12 with a 12x12 outdoor run that we will open when the chicks are big enough. Thank you for your answer, have a good day![​IMG]
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    I've had up to three hens all raising chicks in the same coop at the same time. Everything went fine. Each mom took care of her own chicks and wasn't interested in the others.

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