Putting two roosters togather for the first time

henney penny

10 Years
Nov 21, 2009
Northern Maine
I have 15 silkie hens,my old rooster is leaving,my question is I want to put two new roosters in with the girls from different farms.if I put them in at the same time will there be less friction between the two as there is no dominante one?
I've never had much success putting roosters together that didn't grow up together. They will fight to the death. You could try slowly integrating them as a group and see if it works or not. Keep them in separate pens, but together and see if it they get use to each other or not. That's definitely going to be a challenge.
Mixing strange roosters & hens is asking for trouble.
If you put the 2 roosters together in a seperate pen without any hens they *might* get along with each other. They *might* fight briefly to determine who's boss. They need to have a dominance estlablished BEFORE they meet the hens. If it goes well then after a week or 2 intro both of them to the hen pen at the same time and it *might* go smoothly.

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