PVC Chicken tractor?


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Oct 15, 2008
I'm beginning to feel very discouraged about the idea of building a chicken coop or even a tractor for myself. I have no one to help me and I have very few tools to make one--it's just not my forte. I'm very concerned that I'll get partway through and get stuck and have no one to fix it for me.

In one of the thread that I was browsing, though, someone mentioned a PVC chicken tractor. PVC is something that I can work with--I've made dog agility and obedience equipment using it before and I can get a new PVC cutting tool if I need to (I'm planning to make some new agility equipment, anyway, so a cutter will come in handy). Does anyone have instructions on how to make such a tractor? I'm 90% sure that it wouldn't be secure from roaming dogs, but could it be secured to the ground with tent pegs or something? Any advice would be welcome. Thanks!

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Quote:i was about to post that one..
sorry cant help now, though some of those 5 way T's are going tobe hard to find...
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Aug 18, 2008
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If you have any predators around at all, I would consider adding a line of electric wire to the top and bottom edge. I just don't think PVC alone would stand up to a determined predator. Good luck with your project!


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I have gone into our local Home Depot and if you go when it is slow - middle of the day - I have had them cut the wood for me. There is a saw in the lumber section and then you would only need to nail or screw. Find a simple coop plan, get the lumber measurements. I've also used wooden pallets as a base, one less thing to build.

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