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  1. birdbrain5

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    Aug 2, 2010
    i wanted to try the pvc feeders so i planned on getting 3" pipe, when i got to lowes i put it all together how i wanted and thought maybe i could get away with 2" instead for even less feed waste (i was thinking the food was going to come right up to the hole opening) WRONG. of course before i was using mash so it would have gone thru easier, but as soon as i got the feeders set up the feed store ran out of mash and everywhere else locally only carries crumbles. so it seems like im going to end up with crumbles more often than the mash. it does not come right up to the opening like i thought, and they have a hard time reaching the food down in the pipe since its only 2" [​IMG] its frustrating because everything i do i seem to have to do twice!!! i know i should have gone with the 3" but i hate to have to buy everything all over again.. has anyone else used 2" and made it work? i went with the two 90 degree angles so im wondering if i go with the 45 (i think) if it will come thru better? im making 6 different feeders and each feeder is for 3 chickens max, so i dont need anything real huge. show me some pics!! [​IMG]
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    I have a couple of 2" and the rest are 4". Have to fill up the 2" alot more often. I use crumbles and they flow fine. A couple I have to turn to shake it down sometimes. I used 45 degree angle. Love mine. I have 12 pens and it was getting too much filling feeders everyday. Now I only have to fill every three weeks or so except for the 2". Here is a pic that maybe you can see what mine look like.
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    Mar 21, 2009
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    we are trying to figure out how to do a feeder with some sort of Y joint to feed into a trough. I have many chickens and we hope to do something that is more efficient
  4. [​IMG]

    here is my pvc feeder made out of pvc pipe, wire,a boxy basin for the base and cable ties.
  5. Quote:hey what breed of chicken is that?

    good layers or what?

    can i get it in australia?
  6. farmerChef

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    guessing by her sign., I'm guessing white jersey giants. I don't have any, but from what i've read on here and other places, they have a high food:egg ratio, which is not ideal if you what eggs. I did some looking because I was thought about getting some. I still really like them though, my cousin has black ones, they're huge!!
  7. WinterLadyAK

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    Apr 14, 2012
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    Sutillman, You say your 2" doesn't clog?

    We used this same design, only went 4" at the top (2' section) then a reducer, then 90 degree elbow to 2' section of 3". Ours doesn't flow very well, maybe it's because the 3" section is too long? I'm thinking about trying a 60 degree elbow, it just means that the top of it will have a weird angle and won't line up with a stud at the top and bottom... so I was hoping to stick with 90 degrees.

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