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Aug 8, 2011
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I made this easily moveable run yesterday. Right now I have it propped up against my grower pen to let the kids get some grass. The one end is completely open. I am planning on putting a tarp over half of it, and reinforcing the poultry netting along the bottom with some hardware mesh. But you get the idea right now...
I'd like to close up the other end, but that will leave me no way of getting in/out besides lifting the whole thing up. So how would you put a door on this? I probably should have thought more about that before I put it together/cemented the PVC/attached the netting.
Hindsight is 20/20. Like my others, it will be a work in progress...
Got any ideas on how to fix my boo-boo? Thanks!


PS... the kids love it!

I plan to build a PVC grow out run soon. I was thinking to build a corresponding arch with bottom bar only (like a "D" shaped hula hoop) and make it the same size as the rest of the run. Attach the flat end to the flat end of the run and use wire or heavy duty zip tie to make hinges. Then use something to secure the new hinged door to the top of the arch. For access, just release the "latch" at the top of the door arch and let the door fall open. If any of that makes any sense....good luck!
Ahh that's a great idea! As you can see, I used about a million zip ties, so what's a couple more?

What would you use to attach it at the top? Do you think one would be enough, or maybe one on each side of the "D" frame halfway up to the top?
I really love the fact that I could walk in there with the birds if I used that kind of door. Great thinking!
The whole thing only cost me about $45... pretty reasonable!
Hmmm...not sure what I'd use as latches. Maybe a couple of plastic clamps kinda like carpenters use. That way, it's quick release. I's prolly use a couple of those, like you said about halfway up the sides and maybe one on top just to make ya feel better.

Also, what size and length PVC pipes did u use?
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Clamps are a great idea!

I used 3/4" schedule 40 for the base, and 1/2" for the arches. I spaced them out every 2 ft, but wasn't too smart about it. The poultry netting I got is 4ft wide, so I was thinking that if I spaced the arches out 2ft, it would work perfectly to cover 2 sections. I forgot, however, that the T's add to the length, so between arches it turned out to be 25" wide.

I just had to overlap it, which didn't hurt anything... just wasted netting but added some strength, I suppose.

Overall the run is 5x8. I bought 10ft pieces, so that worked well. It was incredibly easy to make... had it together in like, 5 minutes! The most time consuming part was putting on the netting. I have some scrap sched. 40 that we used as conduit awhile back. It's thicker, but I might make another using that as the base. Then I only have to buy a couple pieces.

It's all a learning experience! Good thing the chickens don't mind what it looks like1

Overall, I used 6 thinner 1/2" pieces, and 3 sched. 40 3/4" pieces.
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there's nothing wrong with the way it looks! I think it looks great! You did a great job. I love the idea for the door on the end the other poster suggested. Good idea! Looks like your chickens will have lots of fresh grass and new things to check out all the time.
My 2c looks nice and full of good ideas .All I can mention is White PVC is prone to cracking (shattering)due to (UV)exposure to sun.The gray used for electrical is UV resistant.They say you can paint the WhitePVC with Outdoor Latex paint and it will make it last a lot longer .Also note you mentioned zip ties .They to are sold with /without UV protection....cva34

Thanks for the info cva! I didn't know that. I do have some of the gray conduit type pvc pipe that I plan on making another one out of. Maybe I can keep this one in the shade...

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