PVC runs

We had one made out of PVC, it just doesn't hold up to the heavy snow here
I now have a big pile of PVC pipe
We just made one. It is 8 x 14. I like it, the chicks like it. We made it to attach to our portable coop. We move the coop and then move the run. It attaches like this:


It can be closed off separate.

We used glue for the joints and then I used white duct tape and wrapped it. I will try and get a picture of it tomorrow if I can remember.
These are all cool ideas but around here a stick of 2x4 wood is cheaper than a stick of schedule 40 pvc pipe. I reckon the pvc lasts longer though, that's more the point right? Just trying to realize the advantage..
PVC is much lighter than equivalent 2x4s to build a portable pen that size.
You ever com to VA? I'll take the pipes off your hands if you do.

lol, I'm still trying to figure out a good use for them here. Maybe I'll build an outdoor brooding pen with them. Something on a smaller scale that I can move into cover when it snows.
Hey ozz--here is a pic of our pvc run that butts up agains our tractor:


Here is a winter shot:


Even with all the snow we had this winter, only one time did I have to run out and actually knock it off so that it didnt break the pen. I know everyone will yell cause we used chicken wire but so far so good. The dog and the proximity to the house has discouraged the predators. Our run works very well for our very uneven lawn because of its flexibility. Good luck! Oh--its 8x10 for our 8 girls.

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