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  1. Can some of you post some pics of your pygmy goats preferably a bit older I am trying to make sure my goats are healthy because they are both 6 months old and still pretty small

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    Hope this helps![​IMG][​IMG]
  3. Here is mine [​IMG]

    she is 6 months old does she looks like a normal pygmy at 6 months or what she just does not look as muscular and big built as yours but she is not who I am worried about that little black one my buck is Extremely small and is all most the same age she is about a week or two older but my bucks face is just thin and wormy looking I wormed them both but what age will they stop growing? it may just be the age. Oh yeah i forgot to ask can you neuter you bucks at any age ?
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    Here is Chester our Pygmy wether. He's 1 years old, 14 1/2" tall and only 25lbs. Sometimes they are just small but it's good that you are concerned.


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    They all look good to me. That little B&W buck is AWESOME from what I can see.
    I did notice that you have left horns on. Be very careful they can be dangerous both to you and other goats. Pygmy is the only breed of goat that you can show with horns but the ones with horns don't tend to place as well in the show ring. If you ever decide that you want the horns removed ABSOLUTELY DO NOT LET ANYBODY EVEN A VET cut them off. The horns can be safely removed even when they get big but do not cut them. Everybody we know who has had them cut has had nothing but trouble. I can tell you an easy way if interested.

    ETA Breed standard per NPGA is under 6 months
    height at withers max. Doe 18 1/2" Buck 18 5/8"
    Cannon length 4" 4 1/4"
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  6. Sure I am very interested
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    Aaron Do you mean interested in removing the horns ?
    If so shall I post here or do PM ?

  8. Yes pm me
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    Quote:Pygmy goats grow for a long time and some mature faster than others. I have some who shoot up real fast and others who just creep up really slow. Most of mine are full grown and filled out around 2 years.

    You can nueter a bucks at any age, I just make sure I have a big enough bander tool for the bigger bucks. I have banded plenty of adult males for people who just didnt realize what they got into when they didnt neuter their tiny baby and they have all done just fine.

    I think from what I can see at least the white doe looks like she is growing well, but here are a couple pics anyhow....

    yearling doe

    doe at around 6-7 months

    4 month old doe and her buddy baby doe
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    Can you tell me how to remove the horns?

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