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Mar 28, 2009
fredonia, wi
My Daughter is heading to her first real poultry show tomorrow, she has done the 4-H county fair with her chickens. She is taking several Pyncheons. I called the show secretary to ask a few questions and he thought she made a mistake on the breed on her entry, seeing how she is a junior. He never heard of Pyncheons and asked a few poeple who also never heard of them and could not find what class to even put them in. So, what class is a Pynchon? I know they are approved by the ABA. We are newbies to showing and are trying to learn.
i wil lbe showing next year, but i read so many books about it is not funny XD see if you can find the 4-H chickrn book it has a chapter about showing, and have you gave the chickens a bath a few days before?
Did your daughter show her Pyncheons? How did they do?

Yes, they should be in the SCCL (Single Comb Clean Leg) class. Any ABA show should have a copy of the latest standard which Pyncheons are in.
I have raised Pyncheons for about 15 years......and YES...the Pyncheons are in the Single Comb Clean legged class.......but please...please...check your Pyncheons for leg color... If they don't have "Willow" colored legs...they would be disqualified at a large show.....and maybe not at a local fair. It depends on if the judge(s) use the American Bantam Standard. Please read the standard and ask questions from judges and other breeders and they will help you in showing your birds. BTW....Willow legs are about the same color as Split peas...a nice yellow-olive green color. Good Luck! Rusty Hart (Irish Acres)
Wow! It's great to see you on here, Rusty Hart. I recognize your name from the article in Backyard Poultry magazine. It's so hard to find breeders of Pyncheon. I've got some birds from Charlie & Jody Hinkle. The breed is so amazing. I love my Pyncheons! I just showed a pair at the Shawnee show where the APA Nationals was held.

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