Pysanka or Pysanky Eggs

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    Apr 25, 2015
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    What is a pysanka?

    Simply put, it is an Easter egg decorated using a wax resist (aka batik) method. Its name derives from the Ukrainian verb “pysaty,” meaning “to write.” (“Pysanka” is the singular form; “pysanky” is plural.)

    But it is much more than that. Ukrainians have been decorating eggs, creating these miniature jewels, for countless generations. There is a ritualistic element involved, magical thinking, a calling out to the gods and goddesses for health, fertility, love, and wealth. There is a yearning for eternity, for the sun and stars, for whatever gods that may be.

    Here's a video of my sisters eggs from last year.

    **Some of them are untraditional**
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    I've done this in the past! It's a lot of fun. I even bought a kit to do it at home, but I haven't done much recently. It is definitely a time consuming craft, but it's generally very relaxing.
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    I do mine every year for Easter with wax. I am from Europe its in my blood I think. [​IMG]

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