Q about bird space and coop size


Barista Queen
11 Years
Mar 5, 2008
So I know there is a 4sq ft min. for LF of indoor space, right? How does that work with people who have these tiny coops with just room to roost and lay eggs? I have a bantam coop, and got a LF hen, and want to add another for large eggs. The LF hen is a bit too much for my bantams, so I need to build/convert something into a small coop for 2 hens. Any help with this? I plan to have a smallish outdoor run attached-possibly covered, and part time free range.

Heather J

11 Years
May 29, 2008
Usually people who have teeny little coops have the run available 24/7, which makes little coop space OK. They also generally live in areas where the weather is good year round, or at least not really bad. If I followed suite in Utah we'd be in a world of hurt because there are often days in winter when I can't let my birds out at all. Also, some birds refuse to exit the coop if there is anything white and cold on the ground at all--OK, make that most birds. lol

Mine came running to the door when I let them out after the first snow last winter, then stopped short and stared at the snow. They wouldn't even get close enough to sniff it for hours, maybe even a couple of days, and then decided the cold stuff was not for them, thank you very much. it really depends on what your needs and situation are.

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