Q about feeding mice. **Those against killing mice DO NOT CLICK***


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Jan 4, 2019
North East USA
I have to many mice and other rodents around my house. So, today I set some mouse traps to see if I could get rid of some. I have a question though:

Is it ok to give the dead mice to the chicken to eat? Will it hurt them? Thanks!
- Clucky

P.S. > I caught 2 tonight!! Only a few hours after the traps were set. :yesss:
Sep 2, 2018
Big Chimney, WV
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My Coop
Ok, Blanca Duck is a duck, but she is a mouse-trap on legs and has caught and swallowed countless mice. And my neighbors are telling me that their chickens are better in catching and killing mice than their cat. So if there's no poison involved give your hens some well deserved extra-protein. And for the "ick!" or "yuck!" factor: Had that discussion with my wife. Was over really quickly after i reminded her what else our ducks might also find and eat outside… 🤣


May 22, 2015
North of Phoenix
There are at least a few different types of mouse/rodent poisons out there available for us lay people. But, they generally take a few days to work, at least. The mouse has a meal of several times a lethal dose for itself, then runs around without showing any outward signs that he's been poisoned. During this time, one of your birds eat him, in doing so, she ingests all the poison that the mouse ate (assuming your bird ate the whole mouse). This may be enough to kill your bird in a few/several days, or make her sick. I'd follow others' suggestions regarding someone who has a chicken-safe poison, or use the pet/kid resistant bait stations, so your birds don't get the poison, then place the bate stations somewhere that the birds won't access the mice that feed on the poison--perhaps at your lot line??


Dec 28, 2019
I am awake. :p

My birds will kill and eat anything they catch. The list includes snakes, mice and squirrels.
I think it is ok to feed them the mice unless they have been dead a while or potentially ate poison.

I don't know if their interest level will still be high if there was no chase involved.
Oops sorry thought you were asleep😅
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