Q: For those who have used Auto Egg Turners.. Need answer


11 Years
Aug 10, 2008
I just ordered a turner for my Home-made Incubator..

Never used one before, so I'm wondering if when the chicks, turkeys, etc. are ready to hatch do we let them hatch in the turner or do we have to remove the eggs and turner and place eggs back inside of Incubator to finish .. etc..

I thought we could hatch in turner, but I just read another poster where she is removing same.. etc, etc..

That sounds like an intrusion on the process, but I have no idea and the reason of this question..

Thank you,,


Flock Mistress
12 Years
Jun 29, 2007
Kansas~50+ yrs of chickens
Hatching in the turner isn't a good idea. The chicks need a flat place to learn to walk without spaces and holes to get hung up in. I hatch mine in an egg carton so I take them out of the turner and put them in the cartons. Others hatch by just laying them on their sides on the wire of the incubator.

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