Q on Infectious Bronchitis and Laying

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    Hi all,

    I made the mistake of bringing a commercial hen into my flock. It seems she spread IB, and lost some chicks. The adults wheezed a lot but did not die. However they have almost all stopped laying. Now some are moulting,

    my question is if they will come back into lay eventually or should I cull? Second Q is can I bring in new hens into some coops while I phase out the ones that are not laying?

    I have culled the commercial bird so I am not sure if I am still carrying IB or not.

    Thanks for all help.
  2. AshP

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    Nov 11, 2013
    Rare for IB to reduce eggs by 100%, normally 20-50%. IB is highly contagious it can travel a long distance by air and on your feet etc They are carriers for 49 days post infection. It can live in litter etc for up to 4 weeks so thourough disinfection is required of all equipment and housing.
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