Q: What type of feed should I use to keep my chicks healthy?

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    Jan 11, 2012
    A: Chick health is directly connected to the feed she consumes. For long-term hen health and immunity, feed a diet that supports a healthy digestive system.

    A healthy digestive system comes down to a balance of bacteria. Millions of bacteria live inside the digestive system. Some of these bacteria are beneficial, helping to breakdown nutrients, maintain balanced pH levels and promote immunity. On the other hand, there are harmful bacteria which can cause digestive upset and internal damage.

    The success of the system depends on a higher ratio of beneficial to harmful bacteria. As flock owners, our goal is to keep the beneficial microflora healthy and productive and avoid the harmful bacteria.

    Three ways to help the beneficial bacteria inside your birds’ digestive tracts are: probiotics, prebiotics and yeast. Be sure your flock’s feed includes these ingredients:

    • Probiotics directly inoculate the system with beneficial bacteria.
    • Prebiotics feed existing beneficial bacteria.
    • Specific yeast species to increase dry matter digestibility.
    Because each ingredient plays a different role in digestive tract health, a combination of probiotics, prebiotics and yeasts is needed to help keep our birds healthy.

    The most effective way to ensure your backyard flock is receiving these important ingredients as part of a balanced diet is through a complete layer feed, like Purina® Start & Grow® Premium Poultry Feed.

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