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  1. traceywasleys

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    Sep 14, 2012
    gday can any one tell me how to candle quail eggs they are hard to see cause of there colour.i no how to do chickens ive had 2 successful batches of chickens,this time i want to incubate quails with my chicken eggs
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    Hey Tracywasleys.

    How are things down under?

    Here is a product by Brinsea - It does have a set of different sized rings for small (quail etc.) eggs.

    It may be pricier than you are looking for...but if you make your may borrow some of the design ideas.

    I have several Brinsea products---and here in the USA they are a top rate company AND have superb customer service. (Three cheers for Rose Power, who is customer service in USA).........

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