Quail attacked by cat, dragging leg

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    Oct 10, 2013
    I have a converted costco dog kennel aviary wrapped in 1 in mesh. A cat was able to work its front paw under the door and wait for one of the quail to get close. the cat was still fishing when I went out there. One quail has a very deep cut on the inside front of the knee. I washed it, applied antibiotic ointment and tried to bandage it but the bandage kept slipping off. I gave quail sugar water for shock and made sure it can reach food and water. It seemed calmer with the others and the wound had stopped bleeding, since it was hidden by quail sitting/laying down, picking has not been an issue. The quail can stand on it, and kicks and struggles with both legs when picked up. When it tries to move however, it drags the hurt leg. In every other way it seems to be getting better, resting a lot eating well and drinking. Is the leg paralyzed? Has anyone had a case of hurt quail regaining use of leg? Its only been one day but I don't want it to suffer needlessly. I reinforced gap to point its hard to open the door now, it won't be happening again. I feel so guilty and helpless watching it drag its poor leg around. I keep hovering and tucking it under it, in the right position. I'm probably stressing it out. I would be grateful for any advice. Thank you.

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