Quail au vin


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May 2, 2009
Desert, CA
For dinner tonight. Market quail, but I'm working out the recipie, once I tinker some, I'll post it.

Yes Boyd, more "fancy" cooking.
fancy fancy
The asparagus, feta & quail eggs looks divine. Hmmm now I'm craving sushi thinking about quail eggs. Tomorrow maybe?

Sidenote, Salt pork really needs some good PR, it's just awful for you, but the amounts it takes to flavor a recipie is so small it's a fair trade off.
I would but by the time I get to WV, it'd be cold and quite possiably toxic. You know I'd happily make you all dinner (in fact I randomly had 24 people over for lunch on Sunday, they said they were hungry, I said I had a house full of food, and come on over. We dropped some blankets in the yard and had a picnic for 30, ribs, salmon, hot dogs, burgers, 2 huge salads, lemonaide and homebrew.
We should have quailfest with a quial menu and themed games, quail costumes, and a quail egg hunt (think easter but with hatching eggs).....

Hmmm.... a bit too early for me and the homebrew I think.
im not even drinking and that sounds like fun!

OMG! I think I found a red one!!!!! ..... *what!* NO! You give that here you HAVE reds already!
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