Quail bathing help non emergency questions


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May 15, 2019
Sonoma County, CA
Please advise on crop issues? I don't want to harm my birds.

I keep my quail on a substrate of the local soil covered with all purpose sand, but I've been topping it off with play sand after the last two cleanings. There's also straw in certain areas where they like to lay eggs.

The sand does stick together on top when it gets wet & mixes with bird dirt. It gets pretty solid, but cleaning isn't too bad. I take a heavy duty kitty litter scoop, and can peel up the dirty stuff. Then I add some new sand. The birds go crazy when I'm pouring it. It's shower time for them.

The sand does seem to drain pretty well.

OP, sorry for the unintentional hijack.
Their crop might get impacted. It will be full and hard, and won't empty without treatment. It's potentially lethal.

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