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Feb 17, 2010
mid michigan
im looking to get like three or four cortuicxes(wow thats an intresting way to spell it!) anywho i live in mid michigan and there arnt any breeders around me that i know of. is there any place that you know of in mid michigans that sell eggs, or chicks, my local TSC doesnt carry them. is there somewhere i can buy a limited amout of eggs. 12 max!

also how much space do quails need per bird, and after a while can they be let out or will they just fly away.

and if we can figure out how to get me eggs? how would i build a quail incubator would a chicken one work
You can likely find someone close on here who has them. I have some, but I'm in TN. I'd be afraid shipping would be too hard on them. Check out the for sale sections and see if you can find some eggs or someone willing to ship birds. They need 2 square feet per bird. They will fly away. A chicken incubator will work for quail eggs. I'd go with a small one you can get on Ebay or hatchery websites if you are just wanting to hatch out a few at a time. Coturnix grow fast and will be laying eggs within 10 weeks. So then you would have your own supply to hatch in no time. If you can't find anyone else closer, I will ship eggs to you. Oh, and FYI, I would purchase twice as many as you want to hatch because shipping is so hard on eggs!
WOW thanks
it wont be for a awhile though but i will keep your name for when the time comes around.
so, they need as much room as a chicken?
what about inbreeding after they hatch?
how much does it cost to ship eggs?
just add prettiest frog to your buddy list I just had a couple dozen shipped to me it was like 8-10 bucks alot of good readinghere in the archives seem like a lot of knowedgeable folks here good luck
Coturnix need no more than 1 sq. ft. of space per bird. I ship eggs all the time, though don't (nor do I recommend) shipping chicks, it is to hard on them. I sell my eggs for $4 a dozen, and S&H on that small an amount would be $6. I have several different colors, though the only ones laying right now are in a mixed pen with 24 or 25 jumbo goldens, 3 jumbo browns, 2 cinnamons, 9 whites, and a tibetan tuxedo.

Edit: I'm in southern KY
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