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Sep 22, 2009
Hey Ya'll
I am new to BYC , and I want to start raising quail. I have been raising Plymouth Rock Chickens for a while , but now I want to expand into quail. I have been researching quail , and BYC has been alot of help. One thing I need help with are some guidelines for cages , how tall, wide, length. How high off the ground. Should they be inside or outside I am located in middle TN. Should they be single level or mutli level?I know alot of this would depend on my preference but I would appreciate any feedback along with any pictures. Thank you. I am pleased to be a member of BYC
You need 1sqft of space per bird.Its does help to keep them on wire and about 5 ft off the ground or so.The hieght of the cage there in should be about 1ft.They can be either indoors or outdoors as long as you weather proof them.they can be muti level just make sure the birds on the bottom dont get pooped on!
Well if I was a quail I really would not like a big smelly poop land on my head
I disagree with the 1square foot per quail. Come on people, that is what chickens are sized! These creatures are a 10th the size!!!!

Where is this info coming from???
Well its kinda 2 sqft space for a chicken.I think giving them half of that is kinda cruel.They atleast need some space to move around right?
I just got quail today and bought a rabbit cage from TSC. With the frame kit, it's only like 6 inches off the ground. I'm looking for a table or something to put it on, but is it okay in the meantime?
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Idk where you got your info, but chickens are supposed to have 4 sq. ft. of inside (coop) space, and 10 sq. ft. of run space, and that's the bare minimum.

To the OP, it depends on what kind of quail you are wanting to get. The 1 sq. ft. per bird rule is for coturnix, bobwhites and other types of quail need more room.

They don't need more than 12" of height to the cage, but that's totally up to you. I have some that are 24" high and some that are 12" high, and it doesn't seem to matter. My cages are about waist-high, so 3-4 feet off the ground.
Width and length is totally a personal preference, just make sure there is about 1 sq. ft. per bird. So if your cage is 2' x 3', you can comfortably house 6 quail in it. I have some that big that have more coturnix, they really don't care if they are a bit 'cramped'. Plus they don't even look cramped with that amount of space. I probably wouldn't do more than 9 or 10 in a cage that size.
I have mine inside right now, but am planning on moving them outside. They will have a 'roof' over them, and be covered by tarps when it gets very cold. I think it would be better for them, rather than being cooped-up inside a stinky building! And it will be stinky, quail poo is rank

As stated before, you can stack them, but you'll need some kind of poop catcher between the pens.
Coturnix do very well on wire, but you need to have something solid in there for them to get off the wire in. This can be a flat board or a dust pan, whichever you prefer. If they are constantly standing on wire it can and will hurt their feet.
A turkey roaster size pan with sand is a great alternate surface & they love to take a bath. Good luck.

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