Quail chicks attempting mass suicide.....


11 Years
Jul 28, 2008
Colorado Springs
I had some chicks hatch last night and i put them in the brooder with some food and water. I put rocks in the water to stop them from drowning. Well they are all getting every body part them can into the water and soaking themselves in an attempt I can only imagine is a mass suicide! For the time being I have removed the water and soaked some of their food. Does anyone have any suggestions about what I can do to stop this???
This is the regular waterer I had in there first. I have always used rocks, but perhaps I should try marbles. However I have also never had a chick try to kill itself, lol!

Then I cut the bottom off a dixie cup and filled it with water and put rocks in it. This thing is literally only and eighth to a fourth of an inch high. It had water in it but as you can see the chicks soaked it all up.

And here is what I am doing now. Little soaked quail chicks with a cut off dixie cup with feed and water in it.
I have heard of some people using crafters stuffing like for dolls.. It allows them to drink but not get soaked .. I think it was monarc23 that said that so you might check with her..
I use the quail waterers with marbles in it. mine cant get wet the tops of the marbles is out of the water and can only get water from inbetween the marbles

I'm not sure how big a Dixie lid is, But I used a simular thing with my Buttons when I kept them.

Apart from the base (like the one you have) you also need a yogurt pot empty of couse that just fits inside the lid so the is a small rim around the outside.

Drill or make two holes in the yogurt pot at the top not to big,2/ 3mm or so. Fill the yogurt pot to the top, place the dixie lid on top. Then turn the whole thing over.

You have now a mini water holder. You must keep an eye on water levels, but putting two or three in two or three times a day, could save lives?

I agree with Kullas. If you put the waterer on the "cold" end of the brooder, they wont go in it as much. They might be too cold if they are climbing in the water (because the water feels warmer) try lowering your lamp a little too. Maybe give them something to snuggle with like a little stuffed animal or something. Good luck!

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