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Jun 11, 2020
SF Bay Area
SmolBean’s special spot:


Disclaimer: this is not the norm for all our quail. Bean is unique.

KaLe dA QuAiL

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Aug 10, 2019
British Columbia
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I hadn't realised how many people name their quails 'bean' until now. :eek:
Here's my Bean
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she has a tuft because the roo she's living with is gentle and doesn't end up plucking her head feathers. Because of that she has a tuft where on most birds there would be a bald spot.
Clover (the roo she lives with) follows her everywhere and will bite me if I go near her.


Apr 4, 2019
Southeast TN
I have to order an icnubator off amazon, for my quail, and ideas, with good reviews?

Well, I've never incubated eggs before but I just broke down and bought a borotto incubator from Premier 1--someone directed me to it in a thread I posted the other day. I got the one that holds 24 chicken eggs (96 quail eggs). I think I'm turning into a crazy bird-lady (if I'm not already). It cost more than double what I had planned to pay, but I have a feeling I'm going to get plenty of use out of it. Also it had a two year warranty, if I recall correctly.

I almost got the NR360 on Amazon, but some of the reviewers said the automatic turner wouldn't work with quail eggs--others said it did, so who knows. I work long shifts several days a week and would need the turner, so I was afraid to risk it.

This isn't exactly a recommendation as I've never used the incubator, and I'm still waiting for it to ship. I have high hopes. :)


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May 20, 2020
NE Ohio
I’m curious what feeds people use for their quail. I used a turkey starter when they were babes and now mix a chick starter and wild dove and quail feed.
I feed game bird feed. ADM Specialty Feed in pellets. There aren't many choices in my area. I dont remember the protein off the top of my head. They do just fine with it. I do add water just because theyre lttle buggers and like to throw the pellets around. I feed calcium on the side as well as grit cuz I give them the occasional treat.


Jun 11, 2020
SF Bay Area
I have to order an icnubator off amazon, for my quail, and ideas, with good reviews?
The best incubator usually depends, IMO, on your pricing range. There are some fairly decent ones out there for probably around $100. If top quality is your absolute number one concern I will always say Brinsea. There’s nothing better than having a bator so reliable you just turn it on, fill it and set yourself alarms every third day to fill the water reservoirs.


Apr 15, 2020
I have to order an icnubator off amazon, for my quail, and ideas, with good reviews?
I feel like for quality to cost ratio, the nurture right 360 aka nr360 is the way to go. I have one, and I just got a brinsea because I want to hatch larger numbers, I plan to run both. The nr360 turns quail eggs fine, small eggs(not jumbo) you can easily put 2 per slot and it rolls them with no problem. Larger eggs need to go 1 per slot. I put shelf liner under them and they roll more smoothly. I haven’t opened my brinsea yet. Search this site for nurture right and for nr-360 there are tons of threads.


Oct 6, 2020
Gilbert, AZ
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Well, you dont have to order off amazon. Just sayin’ ;)
It’s helpful to have your general lcation in your profile. Do you have a local feed store or equivalent? I see online shopping as almost a last resort.
Having said, everybody around me was completely sold out as were the smaller places that sell online, within my budget anyway.
So I bought my Janoel off Amazon :oops: :lau:lau:lau

I do like it but dont have anything to compare it to. I do wish i couldve been able to have a top view. It would have been easier to watch the hatching.
You might wNt to check out the hatching and incubation threads
I dont have to, but local store ones are up to $300 fr a NON turning one...
I only really want to pay up to $100-150
How do I add my location..?

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