Quail Contests!


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May 20, 2020
NE Ohio
Mine won't even go near pumpkin!their diet is basically crushed egg shells (until I get oyster shells ) treats and their food.
Such picky little birds!!
mmine did finally eat a tiny pumpkin, no picture :hit
And a half of an apple, lol. They are definitely more cautious and picky than the chickens.
Should we skip this week's contest? haven't gotten any entries I believe
Nabiki turned in a picture :). I guess she wins by default 🤣
I can take a picture and post it tomorrow, but hers is def better, I promise ;)
Mine is a work in progress, always, until I’m happy that they’re happy. Right now I’m convinced they want the entire space under my deck so they can have friends and a playground :lau
I will work on that, but have predators I need to figure out how to guard against first :(


Oct 6, 2020
Gilbert, AZ
My Coop
Yes, sorry.
This week we are going to do, What is the most amount of quail you have either hatched, or bought at once?...weird contest, but the winner will be whoever has hatched/bought the most.
The most I have bought is 10 females. Just an example. I haven't hatched any... but think mine that are in the incubator are fertile. all the ones I have eaten, been a bullseye on them! goodjob boys!

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