Quail Coop Thoughts? :)


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Sep 2, 2020
Hello friends! I just wanted to show my quail coop and get people's thoughts on their current setup :) They are both for eggs and as pets! I currently have a small dried sunflower corner as a kind of "brush" pile to replicate things they might like in a natural environment and they seem to use it a lot! i also have an old chicken nesting box, a large piece of bark, and several cut pieces of a concrete form tube to make little hides and nesting areas! the tubes are spray painted, but theyre very dusty right now so thats difficult to see! It's around 50 sqft, and I have 20 coturnix quail inside.

There's also a picture of their outdoor area, which they aren't allowed in until spring and until i fully dig it in and predator proof it! but once that happens, they will be allowed there during the daytime :) It has a ceiling so they cannot fly away.


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