Quail feed experiment


8 Years
Apr 16, 2011
I have a few adult coturnix quail that i just got about 2 months ago. I fed them game bird feed and i wasnt hardly getting any eggs off them. I gave them some 50/50 layer pellets and cracked corn for 2 weeks and i was getting a bunch of eggs. I recently 1 week ago went back to the game bird feed and my eggs stopped. Has anyone ever had something like this going on? Is it safe to feed them the 50/50 feed for the chickens? thank you

bonnie in indiana

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13 Years
I feed them what works. My quail get chicken layer 18% and chicken scratch and a ratio of about 2/3 to 1/3 scratch. If they start pulling feathers, I add ground dry cat food{put it through the blender} it adds more protein. I get LOTS of eggs.

Remember that temperature changes will cause egg drops. They need 14 hours of light. If they run out of water, for even a few hours-they will quit laying. If anything scares them-they quit. Anything out of the norm will throw them off.

Have they got a sand box to bathe and lay their eggs in? It is all the small things that count.

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