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Dec 18, 2018
Hens and gentleroosters, I am Seashell. I'm already Mayor of the grand Adult Flock. The Adult Flock is thriving under my presidency and that's rare for button quail. "What!?!?!?" You say I am a button quail!?!?!? Yes I may be a small button quail but I would make big changes for the better! Just look at me leading my flock! (Seashell is the tuxedo in the middle.)
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KaLe dA QuAiL

Aug 10, 2019
Land of Hesitations
My Coop
Greetings, my friends. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Bessie. If I am elected president we will become an even more mighty and beautiful nation. A few out of many great things I will do if I'm elected are that I'll rule with justice, kindness, and charity. Not one of my subjects will ever go hungry and all the children will have a great education under my reign.
Vote for Bessie and she will bring justice to the land.
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Oct 15, 2020
Quinnie for the queen! I will rule all of quail world, and with my promises no one will ever beat me! We will prosper like never before with the top notch cricket, and worm productions, and golden garden time I ensure. We will all live in peace and harmony with crops full of tasteful food, vote for me and no one will regret!
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