Quail has excessive panting and puffed feather


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Jul 14, 2021
Hi guys, I have a quail that I think have some illness. She has excessive panting (she pants non-stop even when the room temp is 24- C). Also, her feather is very very puffed, and her wing is somewhat floppy. Also, her top beak broke off yesterday morning and there was some bleeding. We took her in but yesterday night she was chirping so we took her back out. This afternoon she was looking weird and has the condition I just described.

also I had mareks in the flock, could this be a symptom? Coincidentally I also have 2 other quail at the same time for unknown illness. One of them puffs the back feather. The other has difficulty walking. Some help would be appreciated on those too.

here is a pic of the first quail I described:
Sorry for the late reply. Being puffed up is usually a sign of not feeling well which could be anything from coccidia to, as you suspect, Marek's. Are your quail still ill and/or still with you?

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