Quail Hatching... Stressed out! *The Saga*

Whitehouse Quail

10 Years
Jul 1, 2009
Okay, so I'm on lockdown with 20 Coturnix quail eggs. Here is my saga with quail:

Memorial Day Weekend: Hatched 10 out of 12 coturnix eggs. Did fine for a few days, then all dead, like three or four a day.

Summer: Ordered 100 eggs, out of 107 about 50 hatched. Pretty good, I thought. (These are bobwhite's, by the way) They did great in a brooder with a heatlamp set at specifically 100* and it was big enough that they could get anywhere where they liked the temperature. They had food and clean water.


They all died in the first couple weeks except 4. Then two more got chilled at 8 weeks outside, so now out of 100 eggs, I have two quail.

MY THINKING: The first batch was from lack of heat, and the second was either from fungus or just stupidity.


The 20 eggs are hatching, and I don't want to kill them. They say Coturnix are better to raise, not as wild, so hopefully I won't kill them.

Any ideas on how to fix this saga? AHHHH!
Coternix are really sweet birds. They're suppose to be able to stand the cold weather, if they're out of the wet and breeze. My friend had 7 - 8 of hers die yesterday from the damp. I think. Monarch would be a good person to ask. She knows all about quail. She has a thread that tells everything about them. Good luck!!!

Go to "index" then scroll down to "quail", then click on "monarc23". This will give you a lot of info you may be looking for. You can even e-mail her with questions. GOOD LUCK!!!!

I started out with 5 quail... One escaped found him and then a couple of days late escaped again never to be seen again...one died early on and the only femahle I had died shortly after she started laying... so now I am down to two males.. I don't think I will get anymore... I have loved quail since I was a little kid and my grandpa used to raise them ...

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