Quail hatching


11 Years
Oct 2, 2008
Parsonsburg Md.
i have quail hatching they have been hatching from this morning day 17. i need to know should i remove the dry ones i have 100 eggs aboout 20 to 30 have hatched i have not pulled the vet plugs not sure if i should till the others hatch. what should i do. i was thinking about leaveing them in bator till tomorrow and then pull out the dry ones.
by all means you can leave the chicks in there it helps regulate humidity better if you do. I get impacient and normally take themout though
congrats! buttons, coturnix or bobwhites orr?
coturnix mix the cartons said gold, tux and phero. thanks i was hopeing you would say im going to leave them in overnight and take the dry ones out in the morning. hows that sound.
sounds good and i bet you also will get tibetans, if you're getting tux you'll more than likely get some solid tibetans too. You'll love the tuxes and the goldens the most i bet.
hey im at 64 out of 100 the eggs were shiped to from ga back when we had the cold snap and there still hatching the ones that i took out you talk about eatin man they can eat.

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