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    Cordele, Georgia USA
    [​IMG] Just joining the forum from Cordele Georgia USA. I currently only have 3 quail, 2 jumbo coturnix chicks and 1 female bobwhite chick. More Bobwhite eggs are on the way this week. I truly did not think I would get into backyard poultry raising-- but here I am. I will need all kinds of help here. I hope to find some other quail breeders here in South Georgia. I had no idea of all the State regulations, when I got into this. I need to know how much it will cost me to join NPIP, and other organizations. I already have found that the State of Georgia will want me to pay $30 per year for a breeder licence if I sell bobwhite chicks or eggs. I will also have to go through inspections and bird testing. Anyone who has been through all this-- i would love to hear from you !!!! Do all these things still need to be done for Georgia Giant Bobwhites ?? or are they considered a mutation ?? I am also looking at simple but effective quail housing and cages. I hope to get to know some good folks in here !!!! I have been reading many of the quail postings. Very useful things are in this forum !!![​IMG]
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    Hello from SC!
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