quail leg injury...what could have caused this??


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May 13, 2013
my husband was checking on the quail this evening, one was walking funny, so he picked it up and found this. the only thing i can think that would have caused this injury is the plastic ring he has placed around the boys legs. could the ring have caused this? if not, what could have caused this? how do i treat it?

*feeling guilty*


it goes all the way around the leg :-(
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It looks like the ring has caused the cut. It can happen, when the ring cuts into his leg, and then it gets infected. If that was the case, I would suggest taking off the rings on your other quails. You can treat it by bathing it in warm water and then gently bandaging it. You might also want to take him out of the run for a while, so he is away from the other quails.
thanks for your reply!! we have taken him out and are keeping him in the house. we have washed it out and put some betadine on it! we are going to keep an eye on him. how long should i keep him away from the others?

i appreciate your help!!
Keep him in quarantine until he is well enough to walk around without limping, or any trouble from his leg. He should be right in no time!
I am happy to help.
Hi Missy!

I had a female quail with a similar injury that she sustained from getting caught in the crack of a split in a log. Her leg was nearly severed. She couldn't walk on it for about a week. Quail have incredible ability to heal. But don't let it get infected. If there is still a band on the leg, you will have to get it off. Keep soaking the foot in the betadine. No need to bandage it, but use neosporin on it all the time. Keep the bird on soft bedding or even a towel so it can get around easy. No wire on the floor. Keep this bird completely isolated until it is walking fairly well and the wound doesn't look like a wound anymore. He should heal up soon. :)
My quail is good as new! after a week inside and us taking care of his wound and spoiling him with mealworms, we were able to take him back outside this weekend!

thank you, both, for all your help!!!
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