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Feb 17, 2018
I purchased 12 adult quail (2roo/10hen) that were 8 weeks old at time of purchase. They were laying the first week I got them but haven't laid since. I have added light on a timer with 15 hours/day of light in the coop .they are eating Purina gamebird chow 30% .I have added oyster shell. Still nothing. No eggs in 3 weeks .don't even hear the roosters criw anymore. Any ideas?
I brought home some young quail and it took them a few weeks to settle in. The next group I brought in settled in more quickly. If they were laying before, it is likely to resume. Are they all in the same cage? You may want to put them in separate cages if the males are fighting with each other or going after the females too much, which could be adding stress. I tried 2 males with 9 females and that did not go well at all. I ended up buying another cage so I could separate them, and everyone was much happier. We have also had one aggressive hen. I ended up having to mover her to a different cage, rather than moving the one she was picking on (because then the aggressive hen picked on any new ones). By making the aggressive hen the new one in another cage, there hasn't been any more problems.

Good Luck.
If they are eating and drinking and not fighting then it might be a waiting game.

Mine are in a garage. I found that they were pretty nervous (car sounds, garage door sounds, wind, etc). Then I put a large piece of cardboard to cover the front of their cages and it worked like a charm! They felt protected and were much calmer. All other sides were open and exposed (except the bottom with the poop tray of course).
I agree that they are probably just stressed from the move and need to get used to the new set-up. Just make sure they have lots of hiding places and can feel secure and they should settle in.
I bought some that were 5 weeks old. It took 4 weeks before I got my first egg. It took another week until I was getting 2 eggs a day. I have had them for 2 months now and I am just now getting 4 eggs/day out of 7 hens. It may just take some more time. Constantly "messing" with them will not speed things up either (walking by cage/looking in cage/etc).

I was talking with Robbie from James Marie Farms the other day and he said that quail that have already started laying take longer to adjust to new surroundings than quail that have never laid before. He said he prefers shipping 4 week old quail opposed to 7+ week old quail. He said the 4weekers will start laying much sooner after the move than the older birds....

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