Quail not laying??


7 Years
Jul 22, 2012
It's been 57 days since their birth and the girls don't seem to be laying? When will they start to lay then? A little help?

It's also very warm here and they get light too

They are coturnix quails
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They'll need about 14 hours of light per day to successfully lay. If you're in the northern hemisphere where it's currently fall, you'll need to provide them with a full-spectrum bulb to give them extra light.

The later they start, though, the lower your chances of egg binding and calcium deficiency, so it's not always a bad thing for them to be late bloomers.
I'm near the equator. Which means it's constantly sunny, and they do have 14 hours of light- just that they're really, really late. I wonder why?
yeah I have two males two females, but the girls aren't laying. I'm sure due to their vent and feathers. Hopefully I'll see some eggs soon!

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