Quail pen upgrade suggestions


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May 21, 2020
Wodonga, Australia
OK so originally i was going to use this run as a temporary until i built a fixed spot run but now am thinking i may upgrade it instead as i like that its move able
i am going to remove everything
i want to give it wheels which will be clip on move then detach or able to be put up and down
and i will be using some sort of metal spray paint that can go over rust
cage dimensions are 1x2x1.5m high

i was hoping for some input on any of this
sides could be 40 mm gap chicken wire, corrugated iron roofing or clear plastic over chicken wire
roof will probably stay as corrugated iron

at door end was probably going to bring it out 30 cm and make a small openable door for treat feeding ease
at other end was going to maybe build at small raised platform with ramp straw, 8 watt heat mat and external access

was hoping to do relatively cheap; I have access to power tools and some free materials (to be permanently borrowed from parents) Shhhh!

also would love ideas as to solar light that will attract bugs at night as well as solar lights with auto on and off timer (to get 14 hrs of light per day)
And would be nice to raise the roof 40cm so I can stand upright (is 5cm clearance enough?)

PS. i have 5 normal quail ATM and 47 jumbo and 12 king quail eggs in an incubator (i expect a low hatch rate as of cheap incubator and posted eggs)


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