Quail Pyramids

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    Are they worse building or not? I've read that they will provide nesting areas for quails, and a space to hide in. Plus the rooster can sit on top of it looking out. So we went and build two of them. For those that not sure how they look like here is how we build them. You stack 4 wood pallets on top of each other, rotating each one 90 degrees so they have opening to all 4 sides. Then you find long tree branches and lean them against the pallets creating a tee pee look. The idea is that they can walk in from all sides, sit in it and can exit in any direction if there is a predator around. Our quails do free range, and they always come back to a aviary at night so be locked up. We noticed that they always like to stop near the carport and play in the pallets so they are kind of attracted to them. We are hoping that they will take on the pyramids as their new housing and start to reproduce there. Any insights?
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    Wow sounds very interesting. No quail here, but I bet some of the wild birds around here would like it.
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    Picture Please
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