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    Nov 29, 2014
    I have 24 Coturnix Quail. 20 females, and 4 males. They are in a converted rabbit hutch that has a top layer, and bottom layer, and solid bottoms. I have 10 females, and 2 males in the top, and same for the bottom. On the 2nd of this month they finally started laying. I would get 2 eggs from the top at 2:30PM, then 2 eggs from the bottom at 4:30PM. They have a light on for 14 hours a day. For the first few days they laid at these times consistently. Then on the 7th I noticed that the top girls laid one egg a few hours later than normal, and the bottom girls still laid 2, but now at 6:30PM. On the 8th the top girls laid no eggs at all, and the bottom girls laid 2 at 8:30PM, and it has been that way since.

    Is it just due to the change of season that they started laying, but now are not, or could it be something different?

    They are fed a 22% protein Meatbird feed.
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    Are you using a light to increase the photoperiod?

    Having multiple roosters in one cage is eventually going to bite you in the behind.

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