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    I'm new to this board, I have three young pullets that I got this spring (BO, BCM and Cream Legbar) but my questions are about Quail (coturnix)

    I went to a friends farm a few weeks ago and she had a bucket of eggs that they had been late collecting from her quail and was going to throw out. It had been raining for a week or so and they were dirty, some more than a week or two old. She offered them to me to see if I wanted to incubate them. I did. Now I have 29 quail babies with 20 eggs left in the incubator. It's day 20? and I was wondering how long I should keep the incubator on? Some of the eggs seemed heavy so that means there was/is something in there. I thought 50% hatch rate on throw away eggs was pretty good. There were about 60+ eggs. A couple started to smell within a day or so of going in and I threw them out. The rest that haven't hatched still don't smell.

    Also, I had picked up a few fresh quail eggs and just stuck them in with the older ones and they didn't hatch. Is that because I didn't let them set out for a day or so first?

    I've had 5 casualties so far. 3 little blond chicks with leg deformities and one that was a failed hatch (also blonde). Then one today that died while I was out. It was just dead in there with the other ones. One of the larger ones, grayish blue stripy one.

    I have mixed colors too, some red, some blonde with red stripes, some just blond, some blonde with spots, some brown/red with blonde accents, one really cool dark brown/black with blonde racing stripes. One that looks silver blonde and some that are what I would consider blue brindle in the dog world but I don't know what they are in the quail world. Are there any sites that could help me figure out what colors they will be?

    My friend said they were "Cinnamon variety" but I read somewhere that Cinnamon is not a variety we have here?

    I'm feeding them game bird food and they are doing well. Eating and drinking on their own.

    How hard is it to find homes for these? I have thought about keeping a couple as I hear you can clicker train them but really am not quite sure. Now that this many have hatched.....not sure what to do next.

    Thank you for reading this!

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