Quail Sizes


9 Years
Mar 6, 2010
Tri-Cities WA
I was at a field trial for hunting dogs using quail. When I was talking about the Coturnix Quail we got on the topic of size. I was told that they use only the small ones so I figured that's what I have. I was told the mediums and jumbos don't fly when they use them for training. And when I mention where I got my Breeding stock I was told I have mediums and they do not fly and you need to kick them out of the way in the pen. Sounds like mine. So is there a small and medium Coturnix? We are aware of the Jumbo's.
There Are Smaller "pharoah" Sized Birds Out There. Imho All Coturnix Just Absolutely Suck For Dog Training. I Love The Lil Birds But They Just Arent Up To Par For A Good Training. I Have Yet To See A Decent Flier In The Coturnix World. And Even The Ones That Do Fly Decent Distances Suck At Flushing
Couple That With Training The Dog On The Wrong Scent And Confusing A Young Dog--- Just Bad Mojo For Training There.
Yea thats what i figured after watching them. One of the guys though said he buys birds from a hatchery in Georgia and they are smaller and fly really well.
Whether they were raised as caged birds or have been in a flight pen makes a huge difference. We always put some in a flight pen for those who want to train dogs. Even had a guy last year buy 20 to see how they would do if he just released & hunted them. He came back and bought a bunch more - said they flew good. Ours are the larger size birds also.
mine are in a big flight pen , if they get out they just walk around and u pick them up. they know they have it made.

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