Quail Tractor [with Video]


6 Years
Apr 20, 2013
Hey all!

I haven't been online much. Working on the little hobby farm & moving in fully definitely takes a lot of time. I promised some folks here on BYC and the Natural Chicken Keeping Forum that I'd share some video when I could. So below is the video of their first time in the tractor. Hopefully it'll give you some ideas for your own quail.


I find quail are healthiest on grass, rather than mesh! This lets them enjoy free bug (protein!) sources, fresh greens & build up their immunities with local soil. It also reduces your feed bill since they're eating off your lawn, rather than just your pocket book. And by having a no-bottom tractor on hand, the fertilizer/clean-up goes straight to where you need it - your garden. Much less work than hauling poop around!^^


Their current (winter) pen is 4'x2'x2' inside a chicken coop next door to my silkies (though I'm getting a batch of PRock chicks this month as well). The bottom of their pen is plywood with about 4 inches of pine shavings. No moisture on the bottom, even with 23 quail in it. Feet are clean. In the spring I will be building a large enclosed aviary for them, planted as well, so they can enjoy a big open pen year-round.

Current Feed:

Turkey Grower (non-medicated)
Kefir milk and/or water-diluted ACV w/ Mother (as a moistener - good probiotics)
Oregano & diced fresh garlic. (to encourage immune system)
Apples, bananas, or other fruit.
Paprika (to discourage parasites).
Baker's Yeast (increase vitamin Bs)

I sometimes ferment this batch a few days, otherwise I just moisten it with the kefir milk or diluted ACV & serve. Extras are tossed in the fridge till the next day.

A great source of free or super cheap veggies is the 'last chance' shelf where the produce isn't 'pretty' enough to sell, and often goes at 50% or more reduced in price. If you don't have one of these, ask your local grocery store - they may just be tossing out the old stuff!

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I've heard many good things about yogurt/kefir, will have to try it out. It might just be my computer, but I can't view your video (a quail tractor sounds like a fun bit of enrichment, would love to see it in action).

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