Quail Aviary 2.0



5 Years
May 1, 2018
Boise, ID
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My Coop
Immediately after finishing construction on the aviary, I started designing an expansion. It started small, just a brooder or a breeding pen. But then "quail math" struck—I realized it's not a matter of if I'll get more quail, but when. The more I thought about it, the more inadequate the current arrangement seemed.

The final design I landed on increases the square footage by 300%. Not super huge, but it seemed pie-in-the-sky, more fun to think about than anything—until my parents offered to help me build it as a graduation gift.

So now it's happening. Aviary 2.0 is going up!


Footprint is 8x12 ft. The yard has a slight slope around the midpoint, so getting everything level wasn't as easy this time around. This spot will actually get sunlight and has enough room for planting—I'm hoping to encourage natural behavior in the birds.

I plan on putting together an article with the plans/specs if the design works out.
Stain's dry. I know I could do it once the thing's assembled, but it's super satisfying to stain individual boards.


Most of the shorter stuff is leftover from the last project. Only had to go to one Home Depot to find decently-straight 12' boards. Ripped some of the 2x6 into 2x3-ish dimensions to match the current structure.

I plan on painting/Rustoleum-ing the lower half of the hardware cloth this time around. The current cloth is wearing faster where the dog sniffs along the perimeter :rolleyes: and it needs some support. Anyone here done it successfully/any clue how long it holds up?

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